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There are three major Verticals in our Business

1. Industrial Prime Movers Division

The above consisting of Engines, Motors, and Pumps


2. Special Purpose Equipments

The above consisting of Agricultural Machinery, Custom made Pumps, Waste Recycle Systems and Water Recycle Solutions


3. Power and Energy Division

The above consisting of Generators, Solar Power,Transformer, Free Energy Systems and Electrical Panel's

We maintain skilled and experienced technicians who strictly adhere to standards specified by our principals, in using latest alignment and testing equipment.

All our products come out with the highest quality check's and are flawless in all respects.

We give top priority to the service needs of our customers and follow carefully chalked out service systems through our service division.

We command a first choice rating from our customer's who are from various fields.

We have a diverse customer portfolio from Foundry, Textile, Property Developers, Hospital, Banking and Media.


C.S.S. Vennal Naidu Aand Sons Private Limited - USP's

  • First Choice of Customer Service

  • Solutions for Every Industrial Needs

  • Immense strength in Design, Integration & Commissioning


Three Business Verticals

  • PRIME MOVERS(Engines / Motors / Pumps)

  • WASTE RECYCLE(Solution & Systems& ENERGY &)

  • ENERGY& POWER Systems

Prime movers


1. Stainless Steel pump

Head: upto 50 meters

Discharge: upto 17.8 lps

Motor in HP: 1-10 HP

Phase: three phase

Application: Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Processing, Chemical, Diary and beverages, Demineralising plant.


2. Submersible waste disposer

Head: upto 70 meters

Discharge: upto 4800 lpm

Motor in HP: 1-20 HP

Phase: three phase/ single phase

Application: Sewage Pumping, Construction Site, Flood Water handling, De-watering foundation, trenches and pits


3. PU cast pump

Head: upto 18 meters

Discharge: upto 500lpm

Motor in HP: 0.55 - 3 HP

Phase: three phase/ single phase

Application: Hot Springs, Swimming Pool, Spa, Water Treatment Systems, Landscape Fountains, Light Industries


4. Multistage inline pump

Head: upto 323 meters

Discharge: upto 110 m3/hr

Motor in HP: 0.55 - 3 HP

Phase: three phase

Application: Irrigation, Fire Fighting, Food Processing, WaterTreatment, Boiler Application, Booster


5. Vaccum Pump

Vaccum: upto 640 mm of mercury

Air flow rate: upto 162m3/hr (at mean sea level)

Motor in HP: upto 10 HP

Phase: single/three phase

Application: Priming of Large Pumps / Extrusion machines /Drying Evoporation, distillation, sucking gases.


6. Gear pump

Size: 1/2” to 3” BSP

Capacity: 20 LPM to 500 LPM max,

Working pressure: 11KG/CM2

Viscocity: 10,000 CST

Application: All kind of mineral oils. All kind of vegetable oils. Coal tar, Bitumen, asphalts. Paints & varnish Sugar molasses & syrups Printing inks & Dyes. All kind of fish & animal oils. Glycerine & glycole. Fuel oil, Diesel oil & funace oil Soap solution & lard. Glue. Viscous chemicals


7. Monobloc Pump- Single Impeller

Head: upto 76 meters

Discharge: upto 49 lps

Motor in HP: 0.5-30 HP

Phase: single/three phase

Application: Cooling Towers, Irrigation, Clear Water Handling at High Pressure in Industries


8. Monobloc-Jockey pump

Head: upto 110 meters

Discharge: upto 20 lps

Motor in HP: 5-20HP

Phase: three phase

Application: Cooling Towers, Fire Fighting, Clear Water Handling at High Pressure in Industries


9. Monobloc pump- Fire Fighting

Head: Upto 94 Meters

Discharge: Upto 28.5 lps

Motor in HP: 25 - 30 HP

Phase: three phase

Application: Fire Fighting, Irrigation ,Clear Water Handling at High Pressure in Industries


10. Cutter pump

Head: Upto30mtr

Flow: Upto 325LPM

Phase: tSingle/Three Phase

Application: To transfer Waste water and sewage, Schools, federal, State and local parks waste water drainage Transferring waste water of commercial buildings, industrial plants, waste water sampling, Hospitals


11. Openwell submersible pump

Head: Upto 76 Meters

Discharge: Upto 38 lps

Motor in HP: 0.5 - 15 HP

Phase: Single / Three Phase

Application: Domestic, Irrigation, water supplies for high rise building


12. Self priming non-clog pump

Head: Upto 44 Meters

Discharge: Upto 80 lps

Motor in HP: 0.5 - 25 HP

Phase:Three Phase

Application: De-watering from basement, trenches and pits, Flood Water, effluents, sewage, Chemicals


Engines, Motors and Alternators

Engine pumpset - Fire Fighting


Commercial complexes, High rise buildings, Airports and ports, Oil and Gas on shore and off shore platforms Petroleum and Petrochemical complexes, Power stations and transformer stations, Warehouses Manufacturing and Chemical Industry



Standard and Flame proof:

Motor Type: TEFC, Slip Ring, SPDP, Flame Proof

Motor Hp: 0.5 HP to 425 HP

Insulation: Class F/ Operating Duty: S1/Protection: IP 55

Ambient / Temperature:50 degree C / 70 Degree C (limited to Class B Temperature Rise)

Phase: Three Phase

Application: Textiles, Rubber, Paper, Petro Chemical, Power Generation, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Agricultural implements, Pumps, Machine tools, Compressors, etc.



kVA: 82.5 kVA

Single Phase: 5 - 20 kVA

Three Phase: 6.5 - 82.5 kVA

Speed:1500 rpm

Applications: Alternators for Domestic and Industrial Purposes


Waste water treatment

95% water recovery

Industrial / Domestic Water Management Solutions
How it works
Simple and based on universal design
Ease of operations and flexibility in throughput
Eliminates human interference in biological treatment
Aerobic process is free of odor and produces minimal sludge
Fit for lay man to operate


Stages of treatment

  • Collection

  • Aeration

  • Setting

  • Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant


Operations and maintenance

With all the above techniques evolved in a single tank to treat waste
Blowers and clean water pumps are the only requirements for treatment
Human interferance for processing eliminated
Cost of operation restricted to power consumption


Dry Waste Recycle System

Dry Waste piled up in Industries, Malls, Auditorium, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Residential apartments and villas, railway stations etc. can be easily disposed with minimum investment and absolutely no recurring cost. This system is ideal for bulk waste management as well as for small-scale waste management.

This system enable to dispose wastes at the source without the use of any fuel.


Stages of treatment

  • Collection

  • Aeration

  • Setting

  • Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant



  • No fuel required

  • Minimal cost of installation & no recurring expenses

  • Occupies less space

  • Minimal safe emissions

  • Waste to Energy recovery (hot water/ steam/ cool air)

  • Reduces incoming waste volume by 90%


Solar power

C.S.S. VENNAL NAIDU AND SONS PRIVATE LIMITED are in the front of by promoting Solar Power that promote a more Eco friendly way for each industry sector to function seamlessly.

  • Solar pump

  • Solar street lights

  • Solar home system

  • Solar panels and inverters


How it works

  • Project development

  • Project design and engineering

  • Project procurement

  • Project construction