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Chemical Free - Disinfection Chamber

Covid-19 is an infectious disease and declared as pandemic. The spread of coronavirus is rapid and aggressive. With COVID-19 cases multiplying at an alarming rate, it is highly important to understand the need for safety measures. We have taken initiative to fight the spread of the coronavirus through our fully-automated chemical-free ozone disinfection chambers.

Why Disinfection Chambers?

The main measure of protection and prevention against the COVID-19 virus is to take care of personal hygiene. Even if we wash and disinfect our hands as often as possible, we forget that disinfection of clothing and footwear is necessary, which can keep the virus from several hours to several days.

Ozonated water from our disinfection system disinfects people and goods passes through a disinfection chamber before entering the crowded places, as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. After going through the disinfection chamber, the user is sure that the possibility of contamination has been removed and that they can carry on with their activities safely.

Ozone is a widely-known powerful oxidizer and aerial disinfectant. Usage of our ozone disinfection system enables the users to be fully sprayed with a high-concentrated ozonated water to make sure highest disinfection is done on contact areas like hand, cloths, shoes and goods which may contain surface-borne bacteria and viruses.

Our ozone disinfection system takes ambient air for the ozone generation. It has an inbuilt water circulation system and remote communication programs. All we need to have is electrical supply and water supply.

About Disinfection Chamber - Capsule

Our disinfection chamber is built to sanitize people within 7 to 9 seconds from any possible infectant bacteria and virus. The ozone disinfection chamber uses ozonated water as disinfectant to spray on people and goods. The flow pattern of the liquid ozone is designed to provide maximum protection to people passing through the chamber in about 12 seconds.


  • Safe and natural disinfection system for people and environment

  • Full coverage of spray on people

  • High rate of surface disinfection

  • Quicker disinfection time

  • Ozonated water achieves a disinfection efficiency of 99.9%

  • Ozonated water does not affect bare skin like other chemical disinfectants

  • Plug and play compact disinfection system

  • Less maintenance on ozone disinfection system

Technical Specification

Description Specification
Material of Construction SS316
Spray Coverage 360 ̊ Coverage

People Transit Time

10-12 Seconds / Person
Fogging System 8 Nozzles , SS304 Piping
Operation Automatic/Manual
Power Supply Input Ac 230V 50Hz

Power Consumption

Total Power 600Watts (Effective Running Power 260 Watts)

Residual Ozone

1 - 2.5 ppm

Storage Tank Polypropylene(100 Ltrs)
Filter Yes , 1/2 inch
Water Input 1/2” BSP Male

Water Drain

1 1/4 BSP Male
Water consumption 12 L/H
Drain Collection Tray Yes
Size of the Chamber D 1265 X H 2400 mm
Ozone System
Disinfection Method Liquid Ozone (Corona Discharge)
Control System PLC based
Dimension(LxWxH) 1250 x750 x 300 mm
Weight 50 kg
Material Of Construction MS Powder coated
Mounting Wall Mountable